Perpetual Source License

Pacific Blue Software, Inc. has decided to offer a perpetual license to their software system source code. That's right, your IT department can support and enhance a copy of the source code saving your county yearly support fees from software vendors. You can also enjoy the ability to customize your own version of the source using your own IT staff. Contact us for details.


p-tax is a robust tax collection program that can work with any legacy system – and can be tailored to meet a municipality's specific needs. This complete solution includes the Property Tax Collection System, Business Tax Receipt System, Cashiering System, Delinquent Tax Recovery System, and a Delinquent Mapping utility.
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P-taxWeb is property tax payment portal that allows property owners to manage tax payments on one more properties, obtianing copies of yearly bills, receipts etc. P-taxWeb has a user friendly shopping cart technology, rich set of search controls and will allow a user to look up property information for any year. The data presented on P-taxWeb is always current. During initial setup a replication plan is set up to keep property data current. Any change in the office is replicated to the web portal within seconds. Includes the capability to maintain a portfolio, pay the taxes on one more properties using either credit card or e-check. New features that are currently being developed are property alerts, ebilling, escrow portfolio and more.
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Tacera ( Tax Certificate Auction) is a safe and secure internet application facilitating the sale of tax certificates for municipalities. Because the auction is held via the Internet, it is open to virtually anyone in the world – substantially opening up the opportunities to quickly recover delinquent property taxes.                                                                                  Learn more about Tacera



Kubera is a point of sale cashiering system used within the tax office to accept a combined Payment for multiple transactions such as Property Taxes, Business Taxes, License and Registration etc. Kubera can integrate easily with any payment system so the types and number of payments is unlimited. Kubera also manages dealership accounts for the payment of registration fees and much more.
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Mercury is a system that manages the Business Tax Receipt or Occupational licenses within a county jurisdiction. The system manages the creation of a business tax receipt account as well as the yearly collection and reporting of business activity.
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