Leading-Edge Software That’s Easy to Use

p-tax is the leading comprehensive tax collection solution for
municipalities. Thanks to the solution’s out-of-the-box capabilities, p-tax
customers have collected hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes nationwide.

Building on easy-to-use tools, p-tax can:

  • Help you work more productively and effectively;
  • Simplify how you work – within departments and outside
    your municipality;
  • Give people within your agency faster, easier access to
    the information they need.

Here’s How it Works

p-tax’s simple, intuitive interface makes it easy for your office to
maintain real and personal property information. The solution’s
simple interface speeds day-to -day functions such as errors and
insolvencies, as well as owner address and property information
changes. Collecting taxes is a breeze using p-tax’s flexible cashiering
module or its high-speed mortgage and electronic banking functions.
Additionally, property owners can manage their tax payments—
whether it’s one or several properties—via p-tax’s secure Web-based
payment system.

Powerful System Security and Auditing

The cornerstone of the solution is p-tax’s powerful system security
and auditing capabilities. The solution’s group-based security allows
an administrator to tailor the privileges for each group. Even better,
p-tax configures itself so you don’t have to devote valuable time and
IT staff to set up and maintain the configuration.

Complementing its very powerful security features, p-tax offers a very
flexible value and non-value auditing system module. All changes
within the system are fully audited allowing an administrator to control
access to p-tax’s range of modules, as well as view individual data

A Dynamic Data-Centric Approach

Because we live in a multi-lingual country, p-tax was designed to accommodate users speaking several different languages without making changes to the system. Additionally, users can quickly search property tax amounts and payments by date, allowing your staff to produce bills or make
payments on whatever date you choose.

What makes p-tax stand out from other solutions is its dynamic reporting. With p-tax, there are no nightly, weekly, or monthly batch jobs to try to keep up to date with. Plus, p-tax’s comprehensive suite includes a robust, user-friendly system help feature to answer any questions you may have. P-tax’s state-of-the-art architecture gives you a greater level of flexibility than other tax collecting solutions. Even better, P-tax can be easily customized to adapt to changes in your state’s tax laws.

A Flexible Tool in a Changing Environment

Pacific Blue Software built p-tax to perform within an ever-changing tax environment. This flexibility and scalability works with – not against – your legacy system, allowing you to make key changes according to new tax laws without having to spend additional time and money adjusting your system.

see how p-tax can help you with:

  • Property Search
  • Displaying and Printing Tax Bills
  • Tax Bill Generation
  • Copy, Delete, Cutout and Merge
  • Homestead Liens
  • Government Acquisitions
  • Property Record Maintenance
  • Maintaining Refrence Tables
  • Installment Property Template Records
  • Value Changes History (Errors and Insolvency)
  • Non-Value Changes History
  • Audit History Inquiry
  • Errors and Insolvency List
  • Agency Exemption Cross-Reference
  • District Agency Cross-Reference
  • Tax Detail Inquiry
  • Flexible Payment Plan Setup
  • Payment History Maintenance
  • Partial Payments Capability
  • Batch Bill Payment Process
  • Payment History Inquiry
  • Automated Fund Distribution
  • Bankrupcy Processing
  • Warrant Generation
  • Advertising List Generation
  • Certificate Buyers
  • Certificate Sale, Purchases, Transfers and Redemption
  • Special Assesments
  • And many more